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It's election day in Iran. And the presidential election is already mired by controversy. Critics say the stage has deliberately been set for one candidate to win — the man closest to Iran's supreme leader. Also, throughout the US, states are pulling out all the stops to encourage people to get vaccinated, including lotteries. In Thailand, get vaccinated, win a cow. Plus, celebrating Juneteenth in China this year has a special meaning for Black Americans living there.


The 11-day war between Israel and Hamas featured the same waves of predawn Israeli airstrikes, the same continuous rocket fire out of the impoverished Gaza Strip, and the same lopsided casualty toll, with Palestinians making up the vast majority of the more than 250 killed. And like past wars between Israel and Hamas, it took a heavy toll on children.


Greek officials made assurances early on that the more than 35,000 people who live in refugee camps on the Greek islands and the mainland would be accommodated by the country’s vaccine rollout plan. But more than four months into the inoculation drive, a plan for asylum-seekers has not been finalized.

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